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Thesis Defense Committee Member

First-principles Investigation of Lithium Intercalation and Transport in Manganese-oxides, Ravindra Kempaiah, Ph.D. thesis exam (AY20-21)
Optimizing the Performance of 3D-Stacked DRAM based Main Memory Systems, Muhammad Rafique, Ph.D. thesis exam (AY20-21).
Memory system design to improve DRAM memory reliability and energy efficiency, Yicheng Wang, Ph.D. thesis exam (AY20-21).
Heterogeneous Machine Learning Circuits for NanoScale ICs, Farid Kenarangu, Ph.D. thesis exam (AY20-21).
Deep Learning-Aided Unimodular Quadratic Programming: Initialization
and Provable Guarantees, Amrutha Ramesh, M.S. thesis exam (AY20-21).
Battery material characterization using on-chip electrochemical platforms, Ruhul Alim Shikder, Ph.D. thesis exam (AY19-20).
Power Dissipation and Memristive behavior of 2D Electronic Devices, Zahra Hemmat, Ph.D. thesis exam (AY19-20).
Universal Battery Supercharger, Nikhil Kumar, Ph.D. thesis exam (AY19-20).
Ultra-Low Power Active Integrated Antenna using Tunnel Diode for Tracking Application, Pejman Raisi, Ph.D. thesis exam (AY19-20).
Mechanical Characterization of Battery Nanomaterials, Mahjabin Maksud, Ph.D. thesis exam (AY18-19).
Wideband reconfigurable antenna designs, Omid Manoochehri, Ph.D. thesis exam (AY18-19).
A Co-Simulation Framework for Assessment of Power Knobs in Deep-Learning Accelerators, Antonio Cipolletta, M.S. thesis exam (AY18-19).
Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of High-Current Optically-Triggered Power Transistor, Alireza Mojab, Ph.D. thesis exam (AY17-18).

Departmental Committee Member

Digital Systems Ph.D. Qualifying Exam Committee, 2016-2021.
The undergraduate committee, 2016-2017.
Seminar committee, 2016, 2020-2021.
ECE marshall in spring commencement, 2016.
Web and communication committee, 2018, 2020.
The faculty search committee, 2017-2019.
IT Staff search committee, 2019-2020.