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Past Ph.D. Thesis Student:

  1.  Nick Iliev (started: Fall, 2016)
    Thesis Title: Algorithm-Hardware Co-design for Low-Power Smart Home AI Devices
    Current Position: Canon Medical Systems USA

Past M.S. Thesis Student:

  1. Shruthi Jaisimha (started: Fall, 2019)
    Thesis Title: Scalable Multi-bit Precision Compute-in-Memory on Embedded-DRAM
    Current Position: Intel.
  2. Yuti Kadakia (started: Fall, 2019)
    Thesis Title: ENOS : Energy Aware Network Operator Search
    Current Position: Intel.
  3. Abhinaya Ganesh (started: Spring, 2018)
    Thesis Title: Gesture Recognition System using Particle Filters
    Current Position: Microchip Technology.
  4. Madhu Padmanabha Sumangala (started: Spring, 2018)
    Thesis Title: Mitigation of Threshold Voltage Variability by Exploiting Interaction of Oxygen Vacancies and MGG
  5. Edoardo Roba (started: Fall, 2019)
    Thesis Title: LEAP: A Model-based Reinforcement Learning Framework for Fast Object Detection
    Current Position: Automotive Multinational.
  6. Marco Montagna (started: Spring, 2019)
    Thesis Title: Packet classification using growing hierarchical self-organizing map
    Current Position: Qualcomm.
  7. Srikanth Ramkrishna (started: Spring, 2018)
    Thesis Title: Improving Accuracy of In-SRAM Binary Precision Neural Network by Support Vector Optimization
    Current Position: Intel.
  8. Andrea Ciccardi (started: Fall, 2018)
    Thesis Title: Intelligent scheduler for heterogeneous systems on chip
    Current Position: NVIDIA.
  9. Alberto Gianelli (started: Fall, 2018)
    Thesis Title: Low power look-up table free Gaussian mixture model-based speaker classifier
    Current Position: MIND Music Lab.
  10. Andrea Gualco (started: Fall, 2018)
    Thesis Title: Ultralow Area and Power Self-Localization in Sensor Motes
    Current Position: Altran.
  11. Sina Haji Alizad (started: Spring, 2016)
    Thesis Title: A Nonparametric Cumulative Distribution Function Estimation and Random Number Generator Circuit
    Current Position: Allegro Microsystems, NH.