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Research Funding

Current Grants Heading link

NSFCAREER: Robust and Ultra-low-power Spatial IntelligenceAmit Ranjan Trivedi (sole-PI)
NSFEAGER: Collaborative Research: Bayesian Reasoning Machine on a Magneto-tunneling Junction NetworkSupriyo Bandyopadhyay (PI) and Amit Ranjan Trivedi (co-PI)
IntelScalable Multibit Precision In-SRAM DNN Processing by Co-designing Neural Network
Operators with In-Memory Computing Constraints
Amit Ranjan Trivedi (PI) and Ahmet Enis Cetin (co-PI)
Department of DefenseReal-time-simulation and hardware-in-the-loop (RTS-HIL) scalable and flexible software/hardware platform for emerging DOD R&D needsSudip Mazumder (PI), Mohammad Shadmand (co-PI), Inna Vaisband-Partin (co-PI), Amit Ranjan Trivedi (co-PI), Lina He (co-PI), and Xinhua Zhang (co-PI)
NSFCollaborative Research: FET: Medium: Neuroplane: Scalable Deep Learning through Gate-tunable MoS2 CrossbarsAmit Ranjan Trivedi (PI), Mark Hersam (Co-PI), Anand Raghunathan (Co-PI), Vinod Sangwan (Senior Person), Theja Tulabandhula (Senior Person)
NIHMultidimensional Microfluidic Salivary Sensor with Adversarial Knowledge Distillation for Point-of-Care Assessment of Periodontitis and ComorbiditiesMathew Mathew (PI), Russell Pesavento (Co-PI), and Amit Ranjan Trivedi (Co-PI)

Past Grants Heading link

Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC)Intrinsic Identifiers for Database-Free Remote Authentication of IoT Edge DevicesSwarup Bhunia (PI) and Amit Ranjan Trivedi (co-PI)
UIC College of Engineering Seed Funding AwardUnclonable, Robust, and Channel Adaptive Secret-Key Generation using Neuromorphic Peripherals for Energy Constrained NetworksAmit Ranjan Trivedi (PI)
UIC Chancellor's Translational Research Initiative (CTRI)A Smart and Cost-effective Electrochemical Tool for Root Canal DisinfectionAmit Ranjan Trivedi (PI), Mathew Mathew (co-PI), and Qian Xie (co-PI)
Illinois Ventures and Proof-of-Concept AwardDelivering Robust, Real-time Artificial IntelligenceAmit Ranjan Trivedi (PI) and Theja Tulabandhula (co-PI)
Google CloudOptical positioning and differential privacy-based framework to trace COVID-19 infection risk and spreadAmit Ranjan Trivedi (PI) and Theja Tulabandhula (co-PI)
Discovery Partner Institute (DPI) of IllinoisUbiquitous Radar Systems for Autonomous Vehicles and Advanced SafetyMojtaba Soltanalian (PI) and Amit Ranjan Trivedi (co-PI)