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October 2018: Our work on self-organizing maps based software defined networking is accepted at VLSI Design'19. Congrats Shih-Chang and Nick!
October 2018: Andrea Ciccardi won Hackathon. Read more. Congrats Andrea!
August 2018: Andrea Gualco started working for Altran Corp. Congrats Andrea!
August 2018: Alberto started working for MIND Music Labs, Sweden. Congrats Alberto on a job that combines your technical skills with passion for music!
August 2018: Andrea receives a full-time job offer from NVIDIA. Congrats Andrea!
July 2018: Alberto successfully defends his MS thesis on "low power look-up table free Gaussian mixture model based speaker classifier". Congrats Alberto!
May 2018: Andrea Gualco successfully defends his MS thesis on "low power/area sensor localization using analog circuits". Congrats Andrea!
May 2018: Our conference paper on "SAR ADC-based intrinsic authentication" is accepted in International Symposium of Low Power Electronic Design (ISLPED), 18. Congrats Ahish!
April 2018: Andrea Ciccardi will intern with NVIDIA on high-performance clock network design. Congrats Andrea!
Feb 2018: Our conference paper on ultralow power acoustic signal processing is accepted in ACM Design Automation Conference (DAC), 18 (acceptance rate < 24%). Congrats Ahish!
Aug 2017: Our conference paper on self-localization in mobile sensors is accepted in IEEE ICCD, 17. Congrats Nick!
Jun 2017: Our two part Journal paper on straintronic TCAMs accepted in IEEE Transactions of Electron Devices.
Jun 2017: Our conference paper on solitary protection measure against multiple attacks on AES accepted in MWSCAS, 2017.
Mar 2017: AEON Lab receives grant from Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) for intrinsic authentication of IoT devices. Thanks SRC!

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